Our dentist, Dr. Flint Tomlinson and Dr. Heston Farnsworth, are happy to give you great care at an affordable price. If you are looking for a way to pay for your dental care in Roosevelt, Utah, call (435)-722-0202 and ask about our yearly basic care plan.

Yearly Basic Care Plan

  • Covers Any Age
  • Covers One or More Members
  • Zero One-time Fees

*As low as $350 per year, per person


  • 2 Annual Exams
  • 2 Regular Cleanings
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments
  • 4 Bitewing X-Rays
  • 10% off Additional Cleanings, Sealants, Fillings, Build Ups, Oral Surgery and Root Canals
  • 10% off Crowns, Veneers, Periodontics

*Does not include implant services

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Roosevelt, UT 84066

Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm
Fridays By Appointment

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