Losing a tooth can be a frustrating and emotional experience for anyone. Often, missing teeth can affect an individual’s confidence, self-esteem, speech, and eating abilities. Thankfully, dental technology has advanced significantly over recent years, and modern medicine now allows for dental implants as a tooth replacement option. Dr. Flint Tomlinson and Dr. Heston Farnsworth at Tomlinson Family Dental proudly offer dental implants for patients needing tooth replacement in Roosevelt, Utah

In this article, we will explore what dental implants are and the several advantages you can expect when receiving this procedure. 

What are Dental Implants?

Before we fully dive into the several benefits you can experience with dental implants, we need first to explain what dental implants are. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, typically made of titanium, that provide a permanent base for fixed, replacement teeth. They are an effective long-term solution for people who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth, or chronic dental problems. Compared to dentures, bridges, and crowns, dental implants are popular because they look and feel like natural teeth and have higher durability and stability due to their secure fit.

Now that we know what dental implants are let us take a deep dive into the advantages of this tooth replacement procedure. 

Enhanced Appearance and Confidence

Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, unlike other tooth replacement options. The implants are custom-made to match the original teeth’ color, shape, and size to give the patient their confidence back and their smile. This is a significant advantage over dentures, which often appear out of place and affect one’s smile and confidence.

More Durable Material

Another benefit of dental implants is their durability. Titanium is the primary material for dental implants, and it provides resistance to decay and corrosion due to the strong qualities that titanium possesses. Additionally, dental implants don’t require any extra maintenance other than regular brushing and flossing. Unlike dental bridges, which need replacement every five to ten years, they also don’t have to be replaced regularly.

Complete Comfort

Dr. Tomlinson and Dr. Farnsworth work to ensure that your dental implants fit comfortably. The implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone, mimicking the root of a natural tooth. This surgical procedure provides stability, allowing individuals to enjoy their favorite foods without worry. Additionally, since we fuse the implant to the jawbone, they don’t move around or shift in the mouth, leading to no rubbing against the gums or irritation.

Improved Oral Health

Missing teeth can have a significant impact on one’s oral health. Dental implants help maintain the health of the adjacent teeth and jawbone. The jawbone deteriorates when a tooth is lost, causing the surrounding teeth to shift and become misaligned. Dental implants prevent this shifting by filling the gap left by the missing tooth. This helps prevent future dental problems.

Cost-Effective Procedure

While dental implants have a higher upfront cost than other tooth replacement options, they are cost-effective in the long run. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, eliminating the ongoing replacement costs that other options may have. Additionally, as previously mentioned, dental implants help maintain oral health, preventing additional and expensive dental issues from arising.

Dental Implants in Roosevelt, UT

Dental implants are, without a doubt, the best tooth replacement solution for those looking for a long-term, sensible option. They look, function, and feel like natural teeth, giving a restored smile you can feel proud of. With complete comfort in mind, you can enjoy the advantages of this technologically advanced procedure and restore your smile. Don’t let missing teeth take advantage of your life. Please schedule a consultation with us today to see if this option is right for you!